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2016 Top 10 Travel Gifts

Top 10 Travel Gifts - Robyn Around the World

Wondering what to get your wanderlust traveler for the holidays?  Look no further! Here are ten travel gifts that will wow them and kickstart planning for their next trip.



Top 10 Travel Gifts-Hammock


A compact travel hammock is the coolest gift they will get this season and not just for the campers! The travel hammock is small enough to pack in a backpack or suitcase, yet large enough to fit two people. It even comes with tree hooks so you can set it up anywhere.




Top 10 Travel Gifts - Kindle

Gone are the days of carrying heavy books with you on vacation. Kindle’s Paperwhite E-book reader is small and portable and a no-brainer to take on trips or even the subway. Go ahead, take it to the beach too. The Paperwhite screen allows you to read without the glare of the bright sun.




Top 10 Travel Gifts - Journal


A thoughtful gift is a leather journal with the world imprinted on the page gilding. Your wanderlust traveler can use it to plan their trip or take it with them to write thoughts and document their journey abroad.




Top 10 Travel Gifts - PacSafe Daypack


One of the best Pacsafe daypacks out there that’s anti-theft. The front of the bag has an exo-mesh shell that’s slash proof and many pockets to hold your camera, computer and anything else you want to stuff in there.




Top 10 Travel Gifts - World Map


How cool is this map of the world?!? Look closely; it’s not a poster, but decals you stick on the wall. Is your wanderlust traveler a male, no worry they can leave the girl off the wall.  The next place I land will have this displayed in my living room!




Top 10 Travel Gifts - Lonely Planet


The best of the best for guide books is Lonely Planet. Do you know where your traveler wants to go? Get them guide books to their destination.

Even better? Get them Lonely Planets top 500 places to go to get their wanderlust flowing.




Top 10 Travel Gifts - Gorilla Pod


Not just for selfies!  Gorilla Pod is a useful, compact tripod ideal for sunrise, sunset, and long exposure pictures. Easy to use for phones or cameras and small enough to fit in a purse or daypack.





Top 10 Travel Gifts - Solar Charger


This cool solar charger clips on to your backpack and has two ports so you can charge two phones at once or a phone and a GoPro!

Take it to the beach or hiking and never worry about needing a plug to recharge again.




Top 10 Travel Gifts - PacSafe Wallet


This all in one Pacsafe Passport Wallet that also holds your license, credit cards, and money. It has RFID blocking in the wallet so you can be sure your cards are safe from being swiped.





Top 10 Travel Gifts - Flight Kit


Your air warriors will appreciate this Flight Travel Kit.  The package comes with eye mask, blanket, pillow, and socks. You can buy one from Amazon, or be creative and make your own kit.

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Product Review – Pacsafe VentureSafe 45L

PacSafe 45L Backpack - Robyn Around The World

OMG can I just say how much I LOVE this back pack?!?!  I did searches on travel forums and other travel blogger sites to see what gear full-time travelers use.  Many are using the Osprey packs and they are pretty great looking.  I looked at the Osprey Kyte 46, but being a photographer, I wanted something that would be safe for my gear and my electronics.

After some searches on-line and came across the PacSafe line. I loved how it has slash proof material without adding the weight. I ordered the VentureSafe 45L and soon as I opened it up, I fell in love with it!



The PacSafe has a exomesh material that is slash-proof and the zippers are lockable. What really sold me over the Osprey, is that this pack has a side open instead of top open.  This pack acts like a suitcase rather than a traditional back pack.


There’s also a deep front pocket that will fit my laptop and includes a locking cable with it’s own compartment.  This was one of the first purchases I bought and I tested it on business trips and a fun trip to Turks and Caicos.  This bag is my new best friend. So comfortable, easy to access and fits everything I need.



Update October 2015

I have been on the road for 8 months and LOVE this backpack!  It has been amazing to travel with.  I’ve had no problems carrying it on the plane, which one reason why I bought such a small backpack (no checking baggage in = deplane and go!) and I’ve used it as a day pack on hiking trips (see first picture on post).

Pros: This bag is small and lightweight and works great with my compression bags. You can carry this bag on planes without a hassle.  I’ve also used it as a safe to keep my stuff locked up in my guesthouses.

Cons: It is not waterproof. I took this hiking and in the middle of the hike it started raining.  My bag was wet and a little rain leaked in.  I’d say it’s more water resistant. If you purchase this bag and plan to take it hiking, purchase a rain cover to go with it.

PacSafe Backpack

You can check out more details about this bag here

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