Below you will find links to posts I’ve published about diving in Indonesia.

Completing My Divemaster In Komodo National Park – When picking out places to do my Divemaster, one location came to mind. Komodo! Komodo is known for its crazy currents, yet beautiful dive sites. Completing my Divemaster here would not only ensure I would come out of the program a better diver, but I would also get to see some beautiful marine life while doing the program.

Diving In Komodo National Park – Hands down, some of the best diving I’ve done to date!  This is a must for any divers bucket list!

How To Dive And Interact With Manta Rays – Swimming with Manta Rays is a unique and magical experience. Manta’s are extremely intelligent and each has it’s own personality. Some are shy but most are curious. Here are some manta facts and how to have an amazing interaction with these beautiful fish.