Packing List

The question I get often is what do you pack for extended around the world travel.  Since I’m following “forever summer” on this trip, I packed mostly warm which kept my packing light and compressed.


Here’s what’s in my 45L backpack:



Packsafe 45L
1 Jeans

2 Shorts

2 Maxi skirts – long

1 Maxi skirt – knee length

4 T-shirts

5 Tank tops

Pacsafe 45L 2 Long sleeve shirts

2 Bathing suits

1 Cover-up

2 pairs of socks

8 Underwear

3 Bras; including 1 sports

2 Lightweight scarves



1 Rain jacket

1 Lightweight zip hoodie

1 Sneaker

1 Flip flops (Reefs – my favorite!)

1 Semi dressy functional shoes (Keen Sienna Canvas Mary Jane – great for hiking too)

1 Hat



Sonicare Toothbrush – Along with the small travel charger, I brought along extra heads which are small and don’t take up a lot of space.

Venus Travel Razor – Small and comes with it’s own carrying case

Nail clipper and file


Ponytail holders


2 headbands

Medications  – There are pharmacies all over so it’s easy to get anything you need while you’re on the road.  These are my keep with me staples:

          Malaria pills

          2 courses of antibiotics for ‘Traveler’s Diarrhea’


Lush Solid Shampoo Bars – I will never go back to liquid soap again! My hair has never been healthier. I used to have super oily hair and now it can go 2 days without washing. If only their conditioner block worked as good…



CoolMax Sleeping Liner with Insect Shield – sleep bag

Expedition Mosquito Net – I’ve used this a few times in guest houses that haven’t provided them.

Samsonite Compression Bags – Best bags ever! The reason why I can fit everything in a 45L backpack.


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