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Some people like photography, some people love photography, and then there are those like Robyn who are overflowing with passion for the art of pictures. With an eye for beauty and a love for seeing the world through a lens, Robyn is an avid traveling photographer who explores the globe with her camera in hand. She is an easygoing, adventurous spirit who is dedicated to everything she puts her hands to.


Who is Robyn?

Robyn Hartzell is a passionate photographer who started her life of photography at the age of 16.  From 2002-2011, she ran a successful lifestyle photography business focused on weddings, portraits, corporate events and commercial photography.  In 2015, she transitioned to travel photography and is currently visiting different countries, using her skills along with state of the art equipment to capture the beauty of the earth.  She is a photographer by trade, but also keeps a photography blog to help inspire other young hobbyists and photographers to live their dreams through their cameras lens.


Why Choose Robyn?

If you are looking for a photographer and blogger who loves to see the world through the lens, Robyn is the person you want to be around. Robyn is very specific about her style and interests.  She only works with brands and companies that are compatible with her style.

Why should you choose Robyn?

  • Highly professional and organized
  • Dedicated and loyal person
  • Pleasant and cooperative personality
  • Experienced and professional

Robyn is creative, full of ideas and fun to be around.  She will always tell you the things she learned from working on your project. Having travelled all over the world, Robyn knows how to capture the essence of each place she visits and her pictures come alive and tell a story.


Opportunities with Robyn

You can reach out to Robyn about working with her on the following opportunities:

  • Sponsored Tours – with pre, during and post trip activities on social media sites
  • Press Trips
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Photo Essays
  • Gear review – Photography/travel related
  • Accommodation Review
  • Sponsored Content – Photography/travel related


Who does Robyn work with?

Robyn Around the World Partners

Download Robyn’s media kit HERE


Convinced? Contact Robyn at for more information!



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